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DaLite1.jpgFor over 100 years, Da-Lite has been expanding innovative screen technologies to elevate the projector viewing experience. A leading producer of high-end commercial and residential projection screens, Da-Lite crafts and distributes projection screens, surfaces, and accessories around the world. Da-Lite's innovative projections screens deliver expert clarity, vivid color, and rich contrast to dazzle the user's senses. Da-Lite's Ambient Light Rejecting technology, specifically developed for Parallax screens and surfaces, uses microlayers that absorb light and physically blocks light to provide excellent performance in detail, color, and uniformity. With a goal to develop beautiful screens that blend into a space without detracting from a room's aesthetics, Da-Lite's Wireline Advantage system uses thin steel cables to lower and raise the motorized screen and measures up to 29 feet so it's always in perfect placement. Featuring a sleek black border, the result is a floating piece of art that leaves the architecture of the room exposed. Da-Lite's FullVision projection screen is an up to 16 feet wide, wraparound borderless screen which features 4K-ready HD progressive surface. This innovative technology allows the screen to blend into the wall when not in use while offering the best in surface technology when it is.

Enjoy unprecedented clarity with our selection of Da-Lite projection screens!