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In-Home Evaluation


This may be the best time investment you have ever put in your home.

A System Designer will visit your home and cover the items listed below plus any other relevant issues that you specify.

The goal of the evaluation is to determine the capability and most suitable applications for audio, video, lighting control and automation depending upon the format of your home's construction.

1J.jpg    Here is a list of tasks that will be performed in your report:

Determine type of home construction.
Verify accessibility for wire routing to all speaker locations and other infrastructure support systems.
Evaluate and test existing equipment, components and wire for potential integration into new system.
Determine proper speaker placement based upon room acoustics and interior design aesthetics.
Evaluate room acoustics
Evaluate room size and seating specifications in order to determine most appropriate monitor format as well as most appropriate monitor size.
Evaluate ambient light control and lighting conditions in order to enhance overall ambient integration.
Evaluate existing locations of electrical power, cable outlets, and telephone outlets. Is wiring appropriate for new system?
Perform a needs based evaluation in order to recommend the most appropriate control system for scope of project under consideration
Determine best location for local antenna (HDTV) and satellite antenna.

All of the above considerations will be integrated into an estimate that best suits your needs as well as your desires for the most fun and satisfying experience that Georgia Home Theater can provide.

Depending on the scope of the project please allow one to three hours for this visit. This service is available outside the Atlanta area but may be subject to additional time and travel charges.