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Your pool and outdoor patio are some of the best spaces for relaxation and entertainment, especially during warm, summer evenings. Imagine having music at your fingertips, ready for your next barbecue or pool party. Imagine being able to relax in the pool while listening to your favorite music. Are you making the most of your outdoor space?


Adding an outdoor audio system doesn’t have to mar your beautiful landscape either. Speakers can be mounted out of sight, in bushes, trees, or hidden by architecture. They can even be made to look like rocks to blend in with your garden. Your guests will search for the source of the sound, but only you will know where the speakers are hidden. Adding an outdoor audio system will enhance the beauty of your outdoor space by giving you control over the atmosphere of the space, whether that be upbeat or relaxing.


We can customize your outdoor audio system to fit any size and shape of your backyard perfectly. Whether your space is large or small, has a patio or pool, we will design your system to give you a crisp, high-quality audio experience throughout your entire backyard.

Let our years of knowledge and experience assist you in creating a system that can offer you years of outdoor enjoyment.