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Peachtree Audio

Recognized for its innovation and great sound, Peachtree Audio's award-winning speakers, amplifiers, and DACs, are designed for the way you listen to music today. Peachtree Audio collaborates old-school audiophile thinking with modern digital technology to keep sound at the heart of its products to excel at difficult industry demands. Never compromising quality sound for digital convenience, Peachtree Audio's amplifiers are designed to produce maximum fidelity of all digital music file and streamers. Peachtree Audio amplifiers are engineered to real-world standards and can replace stacks of electronics with virtually no loss in performance. Listen to music the way artists intended and hear digital signals like never before with Peachtree Audio's high-performance USB DAC and headphone amplifier. Experience true-to-life music with an unprecedented level of bass reproduction and musically smooth high notes with Peachtree Audio's elegantly cased compact speakers. From Decco to M24, Peachtree Audio's powered loudspeakers offer the quality of hi-fi sound and convenience of instant connectivity. The distinct look of Peachtree Audio products is both audibly and aesthetically appealing to complete your home stereo system.

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